Maravillas Welcomes You

The original pulpit Bible of the Maravillas Disciples congregation is now in the foundation of the new sanctuary

The original pulpit Bible of the Maravillas Disciples congregation is now in the foundation of the new sanctuary

“No hay mal que por bien no venga” (There is nothing bad that something good cannot come out of it) is a widely quoted Mexican proverb which the Maravillas Disciples Church on the outskirts of San Luis Potosi, Mexico is now living out.  Since the collapse of their sanctuary roof on December 29 and subsequent demolition of the building, the congregation has been blessed with the prayers, offerings and presence of fellow Disciples in the area and beyond.

Last month representatives of the two largest congregations in San Luis Potosi brought $2500 to the afternoon worship service at Maravillas.  And Pastor Josue Martinez Cisneros, President of the C.I.C.E. Disciples churches assured the members more would be contributed.  The Global Ministries Executive for Latin America, Rev. Felix Ortiz, arranged for contruction advisor Jim “Santiago” Piper to spend four weeks helping with the design and planning of the new sanctuary.  Jim has now returned to Maravillas to assist with laying the foundation and putting up the new sanctuary’s walls.

These early signs of solidarity, fraternal love and support have enabled the congregation to make fast progress in the construction project.  “I am so

Building Chair Ramiro in turquoise shirt with Committee members and Saturday work crew

Building Chair Ramiro in turquoise shirt with Committee members and Saturday work crew

grateful for this unexpected, new opportunity to show our love for our Church and our God” Building Committee Chair Ramiro ­­Ortiz Pardo states.  And Pastor Rosendo Arvizu Avalos’ youngest child, 23 year old Alvaro, expects the project to result in deepening the congregation’s faith and commitment to serve.

On leaving for home in Caldwell, Idaho just before Easter Jim Piper was determined to return soon.  In addition to his satisfaction in helping the congregation plan the new construction, he expressed gratitude for the good care and tasty meals provided daily by church members.  “Their hospitality has been amazing” Jim declared on his return in mid April to San Luis Potosi and the Maravillas community.  “I have the time and I love it here.  How could I not come back?” he adds with a big smile as he chuckles.

The Maravillas congregation looks forward to welcoming other volunteers to participate in the new sanctuary project.  The distance from Los Angeles to San Luis Potosi is nearly equal to the mileage from LA to Kansas City.  And there are direct flights from Houston to San Luis Potosi.  Contact Jasmine Sanchez – or 317-713-2561 – in the Global Ministries Latin America office to discuss how your congregation or Region/Conference might help bring about new wonders in Maravillas. (see the blog of February 13 “New Wonders in Maravillas” in the Archives section of Erasing Borders)

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  1. I am excited for the day I can join you in your efforts. I believe in ask and you shall receive.I have changed my outlook on life and believe that all this time my prayers dreams of helping others and enjoying my life everyday were rendered by my negative thinking. I wanted it but never really believed deep down that it was possible. I prayed to God one day and asked him why my prayers were not working? He started revealing to me about the law of attraction and how it worked with the verse of as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.I will be joining you soon and hope to bring this understanding to others. God bless each and everyone of you.


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