Grateful, Grateful

Doug with Dr. Humberto Gonzalez Mercado.  San Luis Potosi's med school where he trained is hailed as among the best in Mexico.

Doug with Dr. Humberto Gonzalez Mercado. San Luis Potosi’s med school where he trained is hailed as among the best in Mexico.

Like crocus buds pushing their way through the snow, faith that felt authentic and sure reappeared yesterday morning. Just the heads pointing to the sky but it was enough. The constant hip pain that was the new symptom of my month long illness would too pass away and I would soon be active and healthy again.

Lacking a definite diagnosis, faith didn’t come into play in the early days of my illness. Cancer had been mentioned but soon the evidence weighed against such a diagnosis. So in the absence of a focus on faith, while going over my favorite Psalms, my favorite prayers, and praying for myself and others, gratitude quickly emerged as the primary theme of my thoughts. Gratitude for the concern and prayers of family and friends in many places. Gratitude for the many hospital visits of friends in Mexico coming from as far as two hours away. Gratitude for the dedication to caring for others manifested by nurses and doctors in both Oli-Med Hospital San Luis Potosi and at the University of Kansas hospital in Kansas City where I was transferred October 8.

Gratitude for the quality of care I have received began with the initial visit of Dr. Humberto Gonzalez Mercado of San Luis Potosi Julien Carrillo Disciples Church. It was soon apparent that he was both competent and ready to commit to seeing me through this illness at no cost. He it was who on October 1 had me admitted to the private room in the SLP Hospital whose nurses and staff treated me like royalty. Dr. Mercado is the only doctor I have ever known who asked me to pray for another patient of his; I was grateful to be under the care of such a physician whose directness, sharing of his own life and optimism I could feel contributing mightily to my healing.

Thanks to the MRI and other expensive tests (covered by my U.S. care-only health insurance) in Kansas City we now know the extensive blood clot on my liver is the cause of the symptoms I had felt to a slight degree even five months ago. So my blood is being thinned under medication and once I adjust to the effect of coumedin on my body we will be flying back to SLP.

My room in the Kansas City hospital faced the sun rise and I was treated to a golden horizon most mornings before facing the needles of the new day. W.H. Auden’s definition of faith is “to choose to do what is difficult every day of our lives as though it were easy, that is faith”. Some times the difficult may just be getting out of bed. So I’m also very grateful for those sun rises in the hospital that made it so much easier to get out of the bed.

Dr. Mercado's Pastor Rogelio Espino Flores with daughters and Kate.  Total cost of my six night stay in Oli Med Hospital came to less than $4000.

Dr. Mercado’s Pastor Rogelio Espino Flores with daughters and Kate. Total cost of my six night stay in Oli Med Hospital came to less than $4000.

Mil gracias to Heidi, Pastor Rogelio’s spouse, for the photos

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  1. Mary Glenn Rinne

    Wow! What a surprise to hear your news. So glad they discovered the cause of your malady. Get well soon, Doug. I’m still expecting that dance at our 50th SHS Reunion!

    Mary Glenn


  2. Darwin and Mary Jane Mann

    Hi Doug:
    We had no idea that you were having health problems, but we are grateful that the cause was determined and you are being treated and will soon be able to return to Mexico. We can only offer prayers of gratitude now. How wonderful to have the caring Christian doctor in San Luis Potosi and the support of Mexican Christians. When you get back to SLP things will never be the same again, for they know that you have suffered but are returning to be with them. Blessings to you and Kate. Shalom, The Manns


  3. Hemer E. Sierra S.

    Dear Douglas: You sure are a VERY,VERY GRATEFUL PERSON, May our Lord be with you and Kate always. Wish I could have been half as grateful as you are, that is something I have lacked my whole life trough. I have asked our Lord forgiveness for this terrible mistake, because I did hurt many,,many people. But You are such a nice people, writing these beautiful words that you wrote because you have such a big Christian heart.

    Hurry to get well because our Thursday´s gang at Apple Bees sure miss you a lot.

    Your Friend Always.

    Hemer E.


  4. Had not heard of your illness Doug. I am grateful that you now have answers and pray for your continued recovery.


  5. Doug… you have been in our thoughts and prayers. We’re so happy to hear that there seems to be a solution to the various symptoms. You and Kate will continue to be held in our hearts and prayers.


  6. Deniese Estrada

    Doug, I was so sorry to read that you have been ill. Thinking of you.


  7. Doug, I am so glad you are on your way to recovery. Although I haven’t written often, I enjoy reading your posts. Your pictures are wonderful. Hope you are back on your feet soon! 🙂


  8. Linda Coppinger

    Glad to know you are recovering. I really enjoy your blogs–know you are both in my prayers.


  9. Thanks for the update, we hope Doug is feeling better.    Sincerely,    Rhonda & Carol


  10. Jennifer Mitchell

    Doug, I am so glad you are recovering. I had no idea you had been ill. Your post uplifted my heart. Continued prayers to you. Blessings to you and your family. Jen




  12. Sylvia Jaramillo

    Hello my dear Kate and Doug. Hope all is well now. Ustedes estan en mis oracione y en mi corazon, espero saber que Doug ya se sinete mejor y Kate que tenga fortaleza.
    Les quiero mucho y tengo muy buenos recuerdos!!


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