Recent Challenges

At age 12 Ozzie had no trouble learning to dance along the edge of the rooftop

At age 12 Ozzie had no trouble learning to dance along the edge of the rooftop

There had been an unspoken pact between Doug and Ozzie that when he who gobbled nearly everything edible (and loved it) lost that powerful appetite he would be released from his duties as “faithful companion”.  And so it was.  He was having difficulty breathing and only hobbled even outdoors. The diagnosis of advanced lymphatic cancer ruled out any possibility of recovery and the veterinarian readily agreed to come to our house.

Ozzie had been a family member for ten and a half years.  Most evenings in California he made

Ozzie always enjoyed taking Doug's place in the bed

Ozzie always enjoyed taking Doug’s place in the bed

sure Doug had a walk as prescribed for improving his cholesterol. Winter evenings, he had snuggled and helped keep us all warm on the sofa.  Over twelve years old when we moved to San Luis Potosi, he easily adjusted to his new home.

He spoke a universal language, greeting strangers and new friends in a manner that demanded caressing or an embrace.  First meetings of visitors to our home were eased by his friendly advance.  “How’s my friend Ozzie?” became a question we were delighted to hear.

With the help of twelve year old Gustavo, Doug and Kate dug a grave and buried Ozzie between the house and the flower garden Kate had just planted.  We are grateful that he was able to make the move here and that we had his help in easing the transition for us.  And for the gentle passing he made on our sofa, his favorite spot in the house!, enabled by the veterinarian Dr. Abraham we are grateful.   His best friend, our Chihuahua mix Minnie, is as sad as we about losing our wonderful Australian Shepherd.  Opal, the cat, remains stoic.

*****************                         ***************************          *********************

After just six months of one on one Spanish classes, Kate will be teaching in the week long “Curso de Verano” – Summer Seminars – at the seminary compound next week.  Her wonderful teacher Karla Ramirez in the Centro de Idiomas of the University of San Luis Potosi is translating her lectures on “Women in the Bible” for her to read and has volunteered to help interpret the class discussions.  Kate will focus in her lectures on the women in the Gospel of Mathew’s geneology of Jesus and feels ready for the challenge.

We’ll let you know how it all goes this year.  At this time the “Curso de Verano” is the primary training event offered pastors and lay leaders of the Roundtable’s three participating denominations.  The seminary compound C.E.T., the Centro de Estudios Theologicos, where we live, will be bustling with activity and we are looking forward to seeing old friends and making some new ones!

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This blog is dedicated to the conviction that love is stronger than hate, that trained non violent resistance is stronger than weapons of violence and that as human beings we rise and we fall as one people.

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    Bless you for making that difficult decision to end Ozzie’s suffering. Been there and done that and it is a wrenching event, however necessary. Love you. XOXOXOX, Obama Mama


  2. So sorry for the loss of a valued family member. I remember being greeted very warmly during each visit. With our grand dog living with us I have a newfound appreciation for the affection given by and to our four legged family members. Oz was a true friend.


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