Some Friends of Ours

Kate's tamale lesson with Lolis and her daughter Heidi at the "parsonage" of the Lopez Espino family

Kate’s tamale lesson with Lolis and her daughter Heidi at the “parsonage” of the Espino  Sifuentes family

It wasn’t the border crossing – we hardly stopped! – that made our return to Mexico after the month long vacation difficult.  There are differences in the daily routine here and in returning those differences were highlighted and had to be adjusted to once again.  In short, Doug had to relearn how to do the dishes while Kate got back to studying Spanish.  We also had some concern that our long absence might lead folks here to question whether we would ever return.  But difficulties and concern were forgotten thanks to the welcome back received from friends.  We were missed and what a good feeling that is.

So let us tell you about a special family we’ve come to know and love here.  Our “consecration”

Rogelio, Debie, Heidi and Nadya

Rogelio, Debie, Heidi and Nadya

worship service six months ago was held in the Julien Carrillo Christian Church near the center of San Luis Potosi and that night we met the family of Pastor Rogelio  Espino Flores for the first time.  The fact that Rogelio and Heidi are blessed with two daughters as we are (ours ages 26 and 23 and theirs ages 7 and 12) created an instant bond.  We’ve since enjoyed many fun times together.

While having fun we’ve also learned.  Kate’s had a lesson in tamale making which led to the following exchange.  After Heidi’s mother Lolis praised Kate’s husk wrapping, Kate responded, “You know you can go to hell for lying” (Doug translating).  “No really, I mean it” Lolis responded and they all exploded in laughter.  Heidi’s determination to perfect Kate’s Spanish is lightened by much laughter.  They communicate in a lively way and always have fun.

More than ten years ago Rogelio was among the last graduates from the seminary where we live; he has served pastorates in Aguascalientes and San Luis Potosi, the two Disciples centers here.  On Mother’s Day Sunday at Julien Carrillo Church all the mothers received a gift and Pastor Rogelio made special mention of Kate.  Her gift was presented with the words that Rogelio and Heidi have both come to love her like a mother.

Although Heidi’s mother Lolis lives in Torreon eight hours away, her regular visits are cause for celebration.  What an amazing person she is! Virtually on her own, Lolis has for 13 years devoted herself to ministry with children and older adults in two “colonias” of Torreon.  Children in single mother homes with little to no extended family support come to her after school for food and fun in learning about the Bible and Christian faith, praying for and serving others.  Their service is focused on the older adults; visits to the seniors’ home is accompanied by deliveries of groceries and/or medicine.

Lolis calls her ministry LLamados a Servir (“Called to Serve”) in one location and Casa de Oracion y Misericordia (“House of Prayer and Mercy”) in another.  Her Facebook page, with photo albums of her ministry, is called Llamados a Servir and can be found at:

With Heidi’s help in some of the technical aspects, Lolis’ Facebook testimony is now a ministry of hopeful proclamation throughout Latin America.

The memories, the learning, the relationship with this family lift and strengthen us.  We enjoy thinking about their visiting us in the States some day.  And there are so many others we have learned from and enjoy being with here.  It is good to be home.

July 3, 2013 Graduation from Primary School of Debora.  Photo by Heidi Sifuentes Sanchez de Espino, photographer and graphic designer

July 3, 2013 Graduation from Primary School of Debora. Photo by Heidi Sifuentes Sanchez de Espino, photographer and graphic designer

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