This blog envisions the new world now in gestation.  It is produced by a 73 year old white male citizen of the United States who has been led to embrace a world without borders by living in Congo (Kinshasa), in his 20’s, and in Mexico, in his 60’s.  As an ordained Christian minister of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), his faith is shaped by the description of third century Christians in the “Address to the Emperor Diognetus”.  The unknown writer reported to the Emperor, “They (Christians in Asia Minor) live in their native lands but like foreigners….They take part in everything like citizens and endure everything like aliens.  Every foreign country is their native land and every native land a foreign country.” 

  1. Gloria sea a Dios,
    Su fidelidad y su gracia se manifiesta doquier uno este, gracias a Dios por estos hermanos que dieron otro “paso de fe” al venir a servir en Mexico.


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