Thankful for Friends, Old and New!

Today, Nov. 19, 2012, an amazing thing happened!   We received our very first piece of mail via the USA and Mexican Postal Services!   I was so pleased to receive a letter from my good friend, Bonita Luts in Arcadia, CA—she mailed it on Oct. 23!  Almost a month, but hey, who’s counting?  Don’t know if there are any other letters out there, but we are considering getting a Post Office Box (will keep you all informed when that happens.)

Bonita threw a heck of a wingding sendoff (lunch for 50 or so) for Doug and me in September.  The food (Mexican, of course!) was incredible, great music, and the opportunity to see folks we had not seen for too long; it all was wonderful!   In her letter, she included a copy of a poem written by another dear friend, Bonnie York.  Bonnie York was the editor of the newsletter of the Alhambra Retirement Community for as many years as I knew her (about 10) and even before that.  The Alhambra Retirement Community was sold and then sadly closed and all the residents and employees had to find new homes and places of employment a year and a half ago.  Bonnie is a talented writer and very creative, as her poem indicates.  Thank You Bonnie York!!!  I want to share the poem with all of our friends—hope you enjoy it.

Ode to Doug and Kate

By Bonnie York

 It was both a Homecoming and a farewell luncheon,

A time for saying “Hello There” and “Goodbye” celebration,

There were smiles, backslapping and handshakes galore,

“Glad to see you”, “How are ya?” And much, much more.


For many the word “Alhambra” came very easily.

In conversations with others used freely.

About remembered times spent happily there,

Recalled gatherings and events with others to share.


The main reason we had gathered together this date

At lovely Arcadia Gardens was to bid farewell to Doug and Kate,

Who are leaving on a missionary position across the border

Where they will be stationed for two years, maybe longer.


San Luis Potosi, Mexico will be their home,

In a nice residence within a compound to roam,

While teaching and preaching in Spanish to area residents,

Helping them learn God’s Word and become Grace recipients.


Doug and Kate have packing to do in Pomona,

Before they leave with possessions and depart California,

They will take 2 dogs and a cat with them as they go,

To begin their new life experiences in lovely Mexico.


Queridos Amigos

Que Dios Les Bendiga Siempre

(Dear Friends,

May God Bless you Always)


To complete this get-together of

Remembrance and Friendship,

At the close participants sang,

“What ties us together is love.”

      So happy and thankful at Thanksgiving and always, for our friends and family (funny how the two become intertwined, as family become friends and friends become family.)  Here in Mexico, we are making new friends, some will be family soon!  Doug and I will host a Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday, Nov. 24, for members of the Mesa Conjunta—the coordinating body of Disciples of Christ and Congregational Churches (and our bosses!) as they come together for their quarterly meeting and then commission Doug and Kate at a worship service.  On the menu will be pavo (turkey), dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, Kate’s corn casserole, vegetarian chili, peanut butter cake, lemon pie and more (there will be over 20 at the table)!  Not all the usual dishes due to unavailability of some items, but the important thing is Giving Thanks for all that we have received.  May giving thanks be ever in our lives and yours.

Kate and Doug with our neighbors, Alma and Joel with their three children at a neighborhood seafood (mariscos) restaurant!


About erasingborders

This blog is dedicated to the conviction that love is stronger than hate, that trained non violent resistance is stronger than weapons of violence and that as human beings we rise and we fall as one people.

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  1. Gracias a Dios for folks like you whom I dearly love and greatly admire. All the time, not just at Thanksgiving! Have a great one.

    Love and hugs, Obama Mama


  2. Fantastic! Happy Thanksgiving!


  3. I’m thankful for the experiences you both are having that put such happy smiles on your beloved faces!!!


  4. Eileen Rosenthal

    Wishing you both a very merry Christmas from Mammoth. Elizabeth is fine.

    Sending Love,


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