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We Are Connected

The following poem speaks beautifully to the vision which this blog and our work in Mexico hopes to serve.  It’s from Sister Joan Chittister’s weekly postings on her  web site and we print her introduction to the poem and the picture accompanying as well.

Sister Joan’s site is one of several which we regularly visit thanks to the excellent internet service we now enjoy. No interruptions in service at a cost less than half of what we paid in the U.S. has squelched the fear that good reliable internet connection would be sacrificed in our move here.  On the contrary.  We’re now used to reading magazines and the daily Los Angeles Times  in electronic format.  Now if we could just find a good chili cheese dog there wouldn’t be anything missing from our life here.

from Sister Joan Chittister’s Vision and Viewpoint, a weekly “e-newsletter for spiritual seekers and kindred spirits”, dated January 14, 2012

POEM OF THE WEEK: Over the holidays I read Mary Oliver’s latest book of poems, A Thousand Mornings. Here’s a gem:

Poem of One World

This morning
the beautiful white heron
was floating along above the water

and then into the sky of this
the one world
we all belong to

where everything
sooner or later
is a part of everything else

which thought made me feel
for a little while
quite beautiful myself.

– Mary Oliver                                                                                                      White Heron

Photo by: Mark Richardson